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LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON (1957) on Blu-ray with a new 2017 1080p HD Master

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In his first pairing with co-writer I.A.L. Diamond, Billy Wilder plays tribute to the effervescent romantic comedies of Ernst Lubitsch with this May-December romance starring Audrey Hepburn and Gary Cooper. Hepburn plays Ariane Chavasse, a coltish young conservatory cellist who yearns for a more mature understanding of life. Overhearing a client of her private detective father (frequent Lubitsch collaborator Maurice Chevalier) threatening to murder American playboy Frank Flannagan (Cooper), Ariane decides to warn Frank of the danger herself.


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Sparks fly when the two meet up, and the worldly Frank finds he is no match for the 'innocent' Ariane. But Arianeís gumshoe pop is still on the case... And the fizz on display in this Dom Perignon of a production, from Diamond and Wilder's witty banter, to Chevalier's scene-stealing to production designer Alexandre Trauner skillful weaving of the real and the romantic to Franz Waxman's soaring score Ė all of which have never been more easily seen than in this Cristal-clear 1080p HD presentation. 16x9 Widescreen.


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Yours, Mine And Ours, 1968
Just as other families tend to keep particular movies close to heart, mineís been watching 1968ís Yours, Mine and Ours for as long as I can recall. When my eyes first caught this cordial comedy ripped from realityís pages as a little hazy, its frames (not to mention my dadís boasts of distant relation to the people itís based upon) constitute an inextricable portion of my memory banks. Starring Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda, Yours, Mine, and Ours has always been around, serving as cinematic comfort food when any of my loved ones needed a pick-me-up.
But as we must eventually call out our own kin for the dumb moves they make, so has time forced me to consider the sheer volume of fluff just barely propping up this whole production. That the flick paved the way for nontraditional family dynamics through media like The Brady Bunch is terrific, but favoring sit-com gags over tapping into its rich vein of social commentary is a move from which it never totally recovers.

Frank Beardsley (Fonda) and Helen North (Ball) have no clue just how much in common they have. Both work within the Navy, both of their spouses have passed away, and both stand at the head of big families...†really†big! Frank is the proud papa of an incredible ten children, while Helen has a hefty eight in her charge. These facts become impossible to dance around after the two meet up for a date, but in spite of some initial friction, they quickly bond and fall in love.

Wedding bells arenít far behind, though one faction isnít so pleased about the union: the kids. Adjusting to a new life in a house of twenty souls sees the usual gripes, pranks, and tantrums spring up. Yet bit by bit, the Beardsley/North clan comes to learn just how potent the power of love can be in bringing the entire lot together as one



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